50 of the worlds most innovative private companies. One Fund.

The OPEN Unicorn Index Fund provides exposure to venture capital's largest companies at the forefront of innovation all in one investment.

  • Fees: 2% management fee and no performance fee.
  • Easy Access: OPEN plans to hold 30-40 of the top 50 constituents as determined by the Unicorn Index.
  • Market Opportunity: The average discount across the constituents is 48.5% as of August 2023.

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Example companies in the Unicorn Index


Why late stage venture?

Historically, pre-IPO is a great time to buy

Late-stage venture capital investments typically generate higher returns than any other stage in the asset life cycle.

On average, participating in private markets results in a 66% gain on investment six months after IPO, while purchasing at close on first IPO trading day results in a 1.4% loss.*

Mean Annualized Returns 6 Months After IPO

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*Source: Manhattan Venture Partners, Pre and Post-IPO Returns Analysis. May 9 2022.

With all that in mind, would you rather own fund units in:

Traditional VC Growth Fund

Fees: 2% Management Fee, 20% Carry

Holdings: 7-8 of the largest 50 Unicorns

OPEN Unicorn Index Fund

Fees: 2% Management Fee, 0% Carry

Holdings: 30-40 of the largest 50 Unicorns

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