OPEN Pegasus - Custom Porfolios & Mandates

Our market access and insights.
Your Client's Core Focus.

Build and manage custom portfolios of late stage private companies with OPEN Pegasus. We work with you to construct custom portfolios of pre-IPO companies tailored to your client's specific investment parameters.


Your go-to lens for private markets.

Invest like the best - take advantage of OPEN's price discovery and sourcing network to build and manage a custom portfolio of the names you have the strongest conviction in.


OPEN's deep data and insights power our portfolio construction and sourcing engine, giving you a wider view of the market.

Designed by you

Choose from a range of custom thematic portfolios and mandates to suit your investment theme or construct your own from the ground up.


We do all of the heavy lifting, from sourcing to portfolio construction and management, so you can focus on what matters most.

Unicorns in universe
Private market value tracked
$1.1 tn+
Sectors covered

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